Jesus Cures All – Daily Message 01-18-2021

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Jesus Cures All – Daily Message

January 18, 2021

Monday Morning Prayers…
Facing the beginning of a new week – we should start our Monday mornings with prayer.
Lord, if it be your will, remove this scourge of a virus from our world. In Jesus name, I pray.

Our Prayers are Powerful
Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16
We all have prayer requests…particularly during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
As a member of the prayer team at my church, I am asked to pray on behalf of our members …with your help perhaps God will answer these prayer requests sooner rather than later.
Please take note of the urgency and depth of the prayer requests during this time.
Finally, there is power to overcome when the whole church engages in prayer.
Alan writes – Pray that all my non-believing friends & family find a relationship with Jesus. A special prayer for my friend Sam and his family.
Please pray for the end of hate and anger in our nation.
Please pray for all those caught up in human trafficking.
Please pray for all the unborn being murdered.
A special prayer for our pastor Keith Duncan who is still fighting for his life with Covid and Pneumonia.

Dennis writes – Praying for Keith.

Brandi writes – Pray that our country finds God. Pray that Keith continues to recover.

Kelly writes – Going through a divorce. I have to find a safe home to move into with a small income. I am disabled.

Jayson writes – Pray for Wayne S – in the hospital having surgery to repair his lungs.

Freddie writes – Pray for guidance, strength, prosperity, wealth, health, forgiveness, employment, patience, good judgement, peace within my household and on earth, for Keith Duncan to be healed. Protection from the enemy.

Cindy writes – Need a woman’s Bible study group with Mom’s with a teenager.

Angela writes – Please pray for my Mom and the healing of her leg, she has shooting pain. Also continue to pray for Keith may be healed from COVID.

Arthur writes – Would like to know what groups or programs you have, also any Pastoral counseling. Things for kids, etc. I want a relationship with God that I used to have and have fallen away from.

Lisa writes – Pray for Victoria Y – surgery on Thursday to place a cage & plates where her vertebrae were shattered. Pray for Kim V – stage 4 colon cancer..

Debbie writes – Praying Keith gets better every day. Pray for our Country and Nation. Pray for my grandchildren, Alex and Claire as they go back to school face to face. Claire is high risk, pray she will be just fine, safe and healthy!

Anonymous – From Taylor: Pray for my sister with her fight with COVID & my Mom and health while she takes care of her.

Whitney writes – Pray for God to heal our nation.

Betty writes – Please pray for my financial situation. I am still looking for a job. I had to move into a very unhealthy situation but lucky to have a roof over my head. Please pray for peace.

Ted writes – Please pray for my wife’s job and mine. Thank you.

Michelle writes – Please pray for my Uncle Josh in AZ – in hospital with COVID. His wife just had double mastectomy and her immune system is weak. She needs prayer for healing also. Her name is Cheryl. Thank you.

Betty writes – Pray for Bob Larry(Louie) lost his 61-year-old son last week. Pray for Keith.

Ryan writes – Pray for the sick and suffering. For the homeless and jobless. May they find God and help!

Ann writes – Prayer for missing person Carrie Hunt Hamilton. She has been missing since December 3, 2020.

Cathi writes – Praise for visits with Julio’s son, Ben. Pray for Ben feeling he has a safe place to share and grow emotionally.

Mariah writes – Continue to pray that God may bless my husband and I with the miracle of a little one! Thank you.

Megan writes – Pray for school starting back up and personal faith.

Tina writes – Praising you Lord in our storms. Praising you Lord that you are right here with us breathing your peace. All we need is You Jesus. Our country needs You. Our people need Your healing touch. We love you and pray in the strong name of Jesus! Amen.

Ann writes – Pray for my friends’ mother and family. She lost her husband Friday due to pneumonia with COVID complications! I just want to lift them up in prayer for strength and healing.

Audrey writes – Discouraged. Don’t know how to ask for prayer today. No words can express how heavy I feel. Everything is just too much…

Anonymous – Pray for my grandmother who recently discovered she has breast cancer again.

Leslie writes – Pray for the sale of my home. Being able to find a new home in Inverness while starting a new job. Be with my son, Logan as we relocate. Pray for Ashley’s marriage. Pray for Aunt Patty’s family and friends’ healing after her death. The Boswick family for same.

Tiffany writes – Please pray for small group growth and direction.

Anonymous – From Colleen – Pray for plans and answers at my first oncology appointment this week.

Anonymous – Pray for Covid to end.

Denise writes – Pray for me to be courageous & without fear with my Ministry Disarming Love. Pray for me to get the job I think is a good fit. Samantha is getting closer to God. Pray for Alesha.

Jason writes – Several of my students have been sent home for quarantine. Please pray for their health, learning and mental health.

Jerome writes – Pray for our world leaders. Pray for friend Kelly’s family health.

Greg writes – Pray for Keith and for truth in government.

Michele writes – Pray for my friend, Anthony Crawford. He needs God in his life.

Rebecca writes – Grieving the loss of my Mom which is affecting all aspects of our life. Just moved from NJ so we are feeling a bit out of place – Need to get connected.

Lesli writes – Pray for my Mom, Betty, 88 years old. She fell and has pain in her lower back. She needs healing quickly to travel back to Wisconsin.

Jackie writes – Strength during this time – going thru a divorce and starting over on my own with my 4 girls. It has been tough financially and mentally.

Bekki writes – Praying for Keith! Pray my children hear the importance of prayer.

Pamela writes – How do we find new believer friends in the online life we’re living now? Pray for Keith Duncan! Pray the seed of my renewed business will be in fertile soil. Pray it can be a blessing to my clients and that it can be a vehicle to advance God’s kingdom. Pray to strengthen my faith. Feeling weak in the midst of all the evil in power. Pray that God brings believers into my life so I have a support system & not be afraid to be alone.

Kristen writes – I recently moved to Ocala. Please pray for me to not be distracted and to stay in God’s will and his path for me. Please pray for my adult son Tyler as he is on his own now back home.

Dalton writes – Please pray for my dad.

Jenn writes – Please pray for our son, Tyler and his ongoing battle with addition. He does not feel he’s worth forgiveness or God’s grace. We are trying to counsel him with God’s words, but he is not hearing it. We are going to keep praying for him because we know God is working on a miracle through him.

Daryl writes – Addiction, anxiety and Keith.

Anonymous – Please pray for Susan W – colon cancer and Alison C – COVID.

John writes – Supernatural healing for Keith. Pray for peace in this nation. Pray for Tom and Pastor George B – cancer.

Dee writes – Please pray for Linda S – her niece just died.

Daniel writes – Better career opportunities following through that I applied for. Sarah’ doctor appointment to go well for her nerve pain.

Anonymous – Healing from Covid: Brittney, Mike and Susan B and Jud P. Healing Rowena’s eyes from seeping, Keep depression from Sheila H and Zak. Sound mind – Debbie G and Vicki S.

Donna writes – Keith Duncan and all those affected by Covid-19.

Julie writes – Stepping into some big places in 2021. God is healing my heart and leading me to be alight to others. Faith over Fear, strong and courageous.

Alex writes – My daughter is a recovering addict, And keeping her Healthy and Hope.

Irene writes – Health issues. Spinal stenosis, arthritis, degenerative and bulging discs. Thank you.

Agnes writes – Please pray for wisdom as I navigate life as a single mother to 2 teenagers. Pray for Julian (18) to find a job. Pray for Emily (15) to do well in school. Praise God for His goodness.

Tina writes – Continued prayers for our country and my unsaved family members.

Jim writes – Keith Duncan, Penny M – cancer, Lori – heart.

Dama writes – Please continue to pray with us for our 20 year old son, Landon (also a member of Church @ the Springs) to seek God’s will for his life, to connect with fellow Christians in the young adult group at church @ the Springs in fellowship and for accountability. Please pray and feel free to try to connect with him as a church member.

Bill writes – Like 100,000 others we have been praying for Keith. While we don’t personally know him, we are praying for him AND the families of the 498 Marion county residents who have died and for the 20,000 who have contracted COVID in our community. We pray for all.

Shelah writes – Returning to church without worry of bringing COVID home to my mom. I am her full-time caregiver.

Susie writes – Continued prayers for our daughter, Natalie, in Haiti and her family.

Derrick writes – My father, Garry, in ICU battling Covid and pneumonia. My mother, Jewel, trying to navigate Garry being in the hospital. Pray for Keith, Doris also battling Covid.

Todd writes – Dad – Health and continued journey without Mom Our country, leaders, citizens. Our marriage.

Kathy writes – God to heal Keith! And prayers for a friend, Sammie, who lost her sister last week to Covid.

Lorrie writes – Pastor Keith, Alan G is in the hospital with COVID. Our country My new journey, that I will stay focused and keep my eye on the end result- God has made this possible and will see me through.

Tracey writes – Prayers for healing for our nation both politically and Covid related. Asking for continued prayers for my unborn twin granddaughters.

Niki writes – Pray for our nation, pray for the sick, praise the Lord for helping to quit smoking cigarettes. Over a week, smoke free! Pray for Momma Lynn, who fell this morning and isn’t her normal self. Pray for Keith and Tommy is rid of this kidney stone!

Jim writes – Continued prayers for Keith. Prayers for this country. Also, Connie is having problems with her back and right side. Please pray for her. Thanks.

Sandy writes – Please pray for Ken Y – he is in West Marion hospital with COVID-19. He is on a ventilator, had a massive heart attack, and was placed on dialysis yesterday. Thank you very much.

Indi writes – A friend Izzy is currently on a ventilator due to Covid.

Heather writes – Prayers for our family. We lost my father-in-law on Christmas eve and two hours later I lost my Uncle and then on January 5th, my grandmother passed. We are still morning the loss of our son just a little over a year ago and my mother-in-law is in rehab. We have a lot going on and in need of prayers.

Jim writes – My wife is still dealing with various medical issues and still has no job which is producing stress. I’m in process of a home mortgage to hopefully get out from under debts plus reduce my payment. I also have a friend, who is dealing with a serious illness and she needs healing.

Molly writes – New baby on the way, financially not a good time, but support and emotionally it’s a great time!

Many, many more are praying for Pastor Keith.

Dear Lord, I first offer prayers of thanks for my own salvation and for the countless ways in which you have blessed my life since. Lord, I ask that you hear the prayers of all the members of our church and in your time let it be known to each of them that you and your love are always there for them. I ask this through our Lord Jesus, the healer of all those who believe.

© Credits to Alan Dupuis – with All the Glory to God

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