Jesus Cures All – Daily Message 02-11-2018

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Jesus Cures All – Daily Message

February 11, 2018


It is Sunday morning and time for some spiritually quenching music.

As I was contemplating that the first 10 days of February haven’t exactly been kind to me; with my wife sick the first 4 and me the last 6 – I thought, geez I am having a pity party – not good.


Instead, I should be praising God for all that He provides for me – like being born and living in the United States, for above average physical health and mental strength, for Him sending me an angel as my wife, for His unbelievable forgiveness and for Him keeping all His promises.


For me, I started thinking, at least I have a dentist to go to, at least I have the means to pay, at least I can get antibiotics and pain medication to get through – what about the over 80% of the world that have no dentist, no money and no way to deal with the pain?


Here is a song of praise, followed by a song of hoping this world can come together:

Your Great Name Song Story – written by Michael Neale and Krissy Nordhoff https://youtu.be/x6LW7yz-1wU

Your Great Name – sung by Natalie Grant – https://youtu.be/3zpLPh6LibE


Mandisa – Bleed the Same w/TobyMac & Kirk Franklin



Thank you Jesus.


© Alan Dupuis – with All the Glory to God

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