Jesus Cures All – Daily Message 02-14-2022

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Jesus Cures All – Daily Message

February 14, 2022

Monday Morning Prayers
Facing the beginning of a new week – we should start our Monday mornings with prayer.
Our Prayers are Powerful
Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16
We all have prayer requests…

As a member of the prayer team at my church, I am asked to pray on behalf of our members …with your help perhaps God will answer these prayer requests sooner rather than later. There is power to overcome when the whole church engages in prayer.

This year, I have decided to categorize the prayer requests. Cancer and overall health issues dominate, but just like the general population you will see many other issues facing our members. Maybe some will strike a chord in your heart?
Alan writes – Continued prayer that all my non-believing friends and family find a relationship with Jesus and for my friend Sam and his family.
Please pray for all those caught up in human trafficking, for all the children stricken with cancer and for all the unborn being murdered.
Praise God for helping through my bout with cancer. Please pray my continued treatments keep me cancer free.


Individual Category Summary
Kimberly M Addiction Please pray for my continued sobriety. Also for my 16 year old son, he’s doing great, I just worry he’s losing his connection with God.
Carolle J Addiction Pray Tom comes to God and help him quite smoking. Help us to get closer to God.
Amanda R Cancer Pray for strength and endurance for my dad, Paul while going through chemo and radiation treatments. Thank you!
Barbara W Cancer Our dear friend Wahine is battling cancer and fiercely fighting this dreaded disease! We credit her response to treatment as impressive and credit it to the love of family, friends and the love of GOD!
Coby H Cancer Shanon is battling cancer
David L Cancer Please pray for my niece Melanie as she is going through radiation and chemotherapy
Dennis S Cancer Pray for Jay as he battles cancer – Pray for church staff.
Lori M-R Cancer Continued healing prayers please for myself from neck surgery and for Joanne M from breast cancer and Norma Y from heart disease and hearing loss. Thank you Lord for keeping our family safe from Covid and healing prayers for our nation from these terrible viruses. Thank you Lord for financial blessings for us and our family and those who need it the most!
Maranda S-G Cancer I might have cervix cancer and I am married to someone who doesn’t care about me, how I feel or the way his actions, words or lack of affects me.
Nancy S Cancer For Joan – cancer, scheduled surgery end of the month. Beckie – continued healing from Covid.
Susie S Cancer Praying for our friend Billy, has cancer. Thanking God for answering prayers – also pray for Jay’s cancer to be healed.
Teresa L Cancer My son Michael was diagnosed with stage 1 bladder cancer. Lord, please give him the strength to fight and not give up on life.
Vanessa F-S Cancer Prayers for Julecia L for health. Prayers for children attending school, teaching. Praying for health for sick, healing for cancer. Prayer for positive relationships and stronger faith, dedication and obedience.
Marilyn S Cancer Don – cancer; Loren – broken hip.
Larry D Cancer Trent. David – He is home and doing therapy. Melanie – no covid. Chemo & radiation at home.
Agnes R Covid Please pray for my son Julian (20) to fully recover from Covid, for his employers to be understanding and for him to go back to work soon.
Jim R Covid Jim and Val R – Covid, Jessica B – health, Harold H – Covid, Tony C – health
Laura P Covid My sister Pat is in the hospital she has many underlying conditions and now has Covid
Michael E Covid Pray for my friend in hospital with surgical complications/contracted COVID.
Jack C Covid My partner and dear friend, Ray M is fighting covid. Prayers for healing.
Rita C Covid Pray for my dad who is not responding to his covid /pneumonia treatments.
Debby S Depression Prayers for my friend/sister Jody as she struggles with a move and depression.
Jaden W Depression I have been struggling with extreme social anxiety that is effecting my life so badly. I need God’s help.
Rhonda M-S Depression My nephew is in the foster care system. He is being abused. I’m trying to legally adopt him, and the state is not playing fairly. Please pray for Jesse to come home to me.
Sarah W Depression Lost my job, need prayers for the right job and health. My arms are tired.
Irene S Depression I’m just sad, nothing is right.
JoAnn H Depression Pray for my son. He has PTSD and can’t seem to settle on one area and one career.
Doyle B Finance Wife is about to give birth to my first child. Financial stress.
Lane B Finance Strength to carry on in financial stress, medical bills and living expenses.
Sarah H Finance Robert H – cancer, Don M – kidney failure/fluid around the heart. Pray we find a nice affordable van/SUV/truck, the truck we are driving is almost to the point of not being drivable.
Betty C General Pray for our Bible Study at Brookdale, that God will use HIs word in our lives.
Cathy A General Please pray for our church family, for our friends Teresa M, Jay V, Desirea H, Tom R, Debbie A, Lisa L, Debbie M, and so many who are dealing with serious illness, loss and big life challenges.
Chad T General The Lord to carry me when I’m weak.
Corderrius M General Pray for me, my family, and just giving God thanks for everything.
Craig G General Understanding a purpose to my life that God has planned. Building a legacy in Christ.
Dee D General Praise – my son Matthew came to church again today! Pray that he will make church a priority in his life and come to know Jesus as his Savior.
Denise M General Please continue to pray for Alesha & her now fiancée Jay. Please pray for Mom’s care to be good at her Memory Care. Pray for twins to make connection with other teens with similar interests and faith.
Desirea W-H General Please continue to pray for those who pray for me. Please pray for Lauren R that she will find someone to share her life with.
Dianne L General For my husband to trust God more, for peace in my heart and to trust God and look forward to what He has in store for us.
Ebony M General Prayers for a positive mind. Prayers to stop procrastinating and having more determination to meet goals. Prayers for my children to have better health overall. Prayers for a house and vehicle fit for me and my children
Ed D General Healing prayers for: Rob, Greg, Sheri, Kiana and Claire.
Gary K General Relocation decision.
Gil C General Continued prayers for our daughters, Charyse and Shana
Gina S General Pray for continued health for my family and everyone. Pray that my children find hope and contentment in life.
Greg S General Pray that I will focus on truth in my life rather than focusing on emotion.
Harlee M General Just life.
Hunter G General Holy Spirit
Isaac H General Clarity
Jim B General I would appreciate prayers for grasping complex technical material for a test date on February 28. The test is CCNA and if passed would open doors for me professionally.
Jim M General Pray for me and my family
John S General Please pray for my family to come together again. And learn to forgive one another
Kalei M General Unspoken prayer.
Kayla S General My son and I have moved in with my best friend and her husband. Please pray for guidance and peace through this transition.
Keiyawna T General Prayer to stay connected in church and to remain to be a follower of Jesus.
Kim C General Please pray for my son Chris.
Kisha S General Pray that my son is healthy, mentally and physically. Stay on the right path seeking God and go to college with a clear mind to learn and accept knowledge/wisdom.
Kristen G General Pray for my family and my children.
Lauren T General With my job that I can help my patients & help them to know God. Be the best I can to help my patients to experience comfort, dignity and compassion.
Lawrence H General I/we pray for Jesus to be part of our Game Plan and continue to provide guidance and glory in our life every day
Lori F General Please pray for Grace (16) that she finds her way back. Please pray for Kaitlyn – new treatment this week. Healing and hope. Thank you. Please pray for tired Mom and 2 boys that were here today.
Marcus S General Please continue to pray for my mom Susie and Aunt Sandie in Pennsylvania. They both love and need your prayers for healing and happiness. Thank you.
Mukiyah G General I wanna follow God’s path. I wanna be able to do good things I wanna follow the right path.
Niki M General My son made student of the month! My baby girl is gonna be 5 on the 24th. Praise the Lord for guiding myself and my family on Your Direction! Thank you, God!
Nikita H General I am asking for prayer with a continuous clean bill of health. I pray for keeping me and my family.
Paige D General Pray for my father, John, to reclaim & find a new path in life after a stroke that forced him into retirement. Prayers for myself to become my best self to be a better Mom, wife and friend.
Patty D’A General Prayers for safe travel for our daughter and son-in-law and family as they travel from Georgia to Florida for a week of sunshine
Paysen S General For me to be saved, for me to learn everything about God.
Robin B General Peace in my heart and mind
Ryian A General For my kids Jaxon, Maverick and myself to not give up on myself improvement and to stay connected with God!
Shaun H General Career guidance.
Steadman M General To help alleviate some of this financial burden, for my better health, to be happy and prosperous
Teresa K General Making life’s decision.
Tiffany H General Parenting a blended family. Small group leadership.
Virginia L General Pray for church family. Pray for those in/out of church that are lost. Pray Dawn B healthy to return to work. Pray Greg spiritual, mental physical wellbeing as he is going through many circumstances. Pray for my family and friends and that God continue to help me to change every day.
Brenda K General My niece, Rachel & nephew, Rudy. Our Nation, our World.
Catherine H General Pray for my teaching as the students have many needs beyond academic. Pray that Brian is responsible with his health. Pray for my daughters.
Cathy M General Our son and daughter-in-law just shared the news of a new little one due in August. Pray for a healthy baby and delivery.
Don G General Prayers for our Country & Freedom. Prayers for Ben T. in the military going to Germany and Poland. Unspoken prayers.
Bryan S-C General Pray for guidance, protection, and wisdom. Prayer for all those in need of healing. Blessing and protection for all front line workers.
Cindy S General Pray that two of my children would search for the purpose you have for them.
Earl S General Praying for peace and comfort for Mike S and his family.
Freddie C General Find a new job and if I’m even making the right decision on quitting my job.
Gayle A General Pray for Larry & Beth to connect with Christ. Pray for healing for Becky, Charles and Steve.
Nancy D General Pray for 4 year old, Finn. He needs help with impulse control.
Nancy M General Mike we are praying for your family. Please pray for our son, Steven, who needs Jesus and needs to draft new people to be around him.
Bonnie R Grief My daughters back pain to go away. My legal situation to go away so my husband can come home. My family – my Mother passed away Jan 3rd. My friend Courtney – her Mother passed away Feb 4th.
Jim C Grief Pray for the Simons Family for the loss of Leslie K. Praise report for the money raised for the new church. Continued prayers for Jim & Connie as we journey through this phase of our lives. Thank YOU for being a blessing even though we can’t be in attendance,
Zayda H Grief We need prayers for my family that is hurting with the loss of Little Robbie. 22 years old gone too soon. We will always love and miss you. Also the death of my Father Francisco S who lived a full and righteous life passed away at 97 years old. Please pray that we all heal and love each other again.
Joni M Grief My friend lost her son yesterday. My heart hurts so much for her.
Linda W Grief My friend is in the Leesburg hospital and not expected to survive the day. Pray peace and comfort for Ted and the O’Brien family.
Ron G Grief Prayers for friend who just lost her mom. Looking forward to God’s “game plan,” for us as we move to Illinois.
Angela T Health Please pray for my Mom. She has a doctor appointment Monday for her urinary tract. Pray for safe travels for my cruise.
Barbara S Health Having surgery 2/15/22, please pray for good results.
Bob R Health Please pray for my health issues as I have 3 MRIs this week. Please pray for small groups and for daily ministry opportunities.
Bonnie R Health Pleases continue to pray for my husband as he is facing several health issues at this time.. He has 3 MRIs this week. Pray that we can get some answers and obtain some plans of care.
Dale F Health I hurt my knee and my neck. Please pray that I heal quickly.
Doug B Health Cheryl had heart surgery
Gino M Health My sister had a massive stroke & she is paralyzed. Most of my family is flying in. We have moved her into Hospice.
John M S Health Pray For Steve L Who Has double lung Cold.. Prayers For Steve S As He’s preparing For Open Heart surgery. Cover them With Healing and Restoration!!!
Jonathan B Health Several clients of mine have medical issues so pray for their health and recovery.
Kenya R Health Please pray for my son-in-law’s grandpa, they are sending him home with Hospice. Please pray they find peace in this time.
Lisa M Health My mother’s health, for her and my brother to take that serious.
Patti D Health Please pray for my sister Lisa, she is having hernia surgery Wednesday and does not know the Lord.
Sheri C Health Dave sustained a severe hamstring pull in his right leg, and recovering very slowly. He’s very painful all the time. Pray for his healing. Thank you
Sherry K Health I have heart tests that I will be going through for the next couple weeks. Please pray the tests will come back good.
Bessie G. H Health Gratitude for successful surgery for Bill. Gary’s progress with feeding tube. Jerry, Katie, Kellie.
LaDonna O Health Daughter, Stephanie O, grands – Reaganberlin & Ash. Rob M – losing hearing in one ear. Pam & Mike O – health
Sarah S Health Sterling tore his ACL. Pray God heals it, and he will not need surgery. Abigail that she will find peace.
Jane B Health Thank you for praying for Chris C. We will have surgery this week.
Janet C Health Husband’s health.
Marty B Health Walter back pain issues, his wife thyroid surgery.
Peggy L. D Health Adam H – side effects from stem cell transplant; Chad C – multiple melanoma; Nancy F – recovery.
Sheryl S Health I have worsening ankle pain and just learned that the bone is deteriorating. The Dr. doesn’t know if it is from an infection, arthritis or other cause. I am getting a second opinion. Will likely have a bone biopsy and at least one more surgery. Please pray for answers and that God gives me and Brad peace, courage and strength for this journey.
Julie E Marriage We need Divine intervention. In our marriage. I pray with me for a Miracle.
Peggy T Marriage Our soon-to-be 46 year old son, Ben, needs God to intervene in his heart and life. He and his wife divorced – he left his 3 children 17, 15 and 12 to move 5 hours away from them to be with another woman. Our family is heartbroken.
Lacy L Marriage Pray for my marriage. Better communication with my husband. Pray for me as I raise my children and do my best to point them to Jesus.
Michael A New Church I need my relationship better, I’m a Jewish man in need of a positive change.

Dear Lord, I first offer prayers of thanks for my own salvation and for the countless ways in which you have blessed my life since. Lord, I ask that you hear the prayers of all the members of our church and in your time let it be known to each of them that you and your love are always there for them. I ask this through our Lord Jesus, the healer of all those who believe.

© Credits to Alan Dupuis – with All the Glory to God

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