Jesus Cures All – Daily Message 02-22-2021

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Jesus Cures All – Daily Message

February 22, 2021

Monday Morning Prayers…
Facing the beginning of a new week – we should start our Monday mornings with prayer.
Lord, if it be your will, remove this scourge of a virus from our world. In Jesus name, I pray.

Our Prayers are Powerful
Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16
We all have prayer requests…
As a member of the prayer team at my church, I am asked to pray on behalf of our members …with your help perhaps God will answer these prayer requests sooner rather than later.
There is power to overcome when the whole church engages in prayer.
Alan writes – Continued prayer that all my non-believing friends and family find a relationship with Jesus and for my friend Sam and his family.
Please pray for all those caught up in human trafficking, for all the children stricken with cancer and for all the unborn being murdered.
Please pray that my bladder cancer surgery on 2/24 is successful.
Pastor Keith Duncan was called home to heaven; please pray for his wife and children.

Phyllis writes – Pray that my son Alfred Bell Jr come home to Jesus. He has a drug addiction. Please pray he can get off of it.

Connie writes – Ron did a great job with the message today. It was very comforting to those of us with heavy hearts. Prayers and lots of love for Deanne, Keith’s family and the church family.

Tom writes – I am having surgery on Wednesday, please pray for me.

Pat writes – I moved out of state but the Springs is still my home. I attend online. One of my friends is a VA nurse and is struggling with Covid. Please pray for Cate as well as my cousin Joanne who still cannot walk and has difficulty breathing. Grateful Pastor Keith is with the Lord and no longer in pain. Praying comfort for his family and friends.

Angie writes – Pray that I get stronger so I can work to get a car. I’m 51,18 yr breast cancer survivor, 4 major back surgeries since 2012. Need prayers for strength.

Pamela writes – Pray for my grandson, Zachary C he is a church member and he serves Church @ the Springs. He has COVID and now has Pneumonia. Pray that he will get well soon. Let Pastor Ron know that we are so sorry about Pastor Keith. Today’s sermon was as always great!

Eileen writes – My cousin Andy has been rushed to the hospital this morning he is a type one diabetic. He has been vomiting and his insulin level is very low. Praying for our great physician to get all this under control so Andy will not go into a coma. The Marusa family just lost a child to suicide and need desperate prayer. Thank you for your prayers and your love.

Jean writes – Thank you for today’s service. Pastor Ron’s faith and wisdom, along with his vulnerability and transparency, really made me want to praise God that we found you online! We moved to Oxford in July and have been watching online, waiting until we felt comfortable attending a live service. Thank you for all you do to serve. My heart is full today. May God pour bountiful blessings on you!

Christina writes – For our community and the world at large. For us to follow where God leads.

Shayla writes – I have recently started my walk with Christ and I ask that you pray that God give me the strength to live a better life and worship Him.

Irene writes – So saddened to hear about Pastor Keith. Praying for all. Praying for comfort for the family and friends.

Courtni writes – Please pray for my dear co-worker. He’s in the ICU with COVID. He needs all the prayers he can get to make it through this.

Dennis writes – Pray for Keith’s family – pray for our Church Staff – Pray for Susie for God to help with her Dad.

Sherry writes – I have to be scoped tomorrow morning. Please pray that everything goes well & with good news. Pray for the doctor, nurses that are working on me. God is good.

Randall writes – Please pray for my dad’s girlfriends daughter Lindsey S. She was riding my Dad’s side X side and flipped. Broke hers legs. Thanks.

Kelly writes – My family has turned me away and abandoned me because I need help. Going thru a divorce. May be homeless.

Cheryl writes – Worship was awesome! Praise God. God heals the brokenhearted. What a phenomenal service. Thank you Pastor Ron and music team for your obedience, spirit led.

Brenda writes – Please help us pray that we may continue to serve the Lord all the days of our lives. And that we may hold on his promises no matter what.

Bonnie writes – Thanks for the blessing of a wonderful husband for the past 40 and future Valentine’s Days that we have and will celebrate together. Continue to pray for our son, Robby, that he continues to thrive on his own.

Daniel writes – My mom (Susan) has cancer and treatment is no longer an option. Prayers for peace and comfort.

Zach writes – New season of life, moving out on my own.

Charles writes – Pops recovery from surgery, it went well just a long recovery process begins now. Also, thank you for having multiple services, overslept but still able to attend.

Tom writes – Prayers for Desirea H. In the hospital.

Anonymous – Please pray God moves in my Granddaughters life. Her boyfriend is making her give her baby away. Not to family – we would take him but we don’t have the money he wants.

Taylor writes – Peace and comfort for Deanne Duncan and her family.

Denise writes – Pray for guidance on best way to take care for Mom since Dad’s death.

Keara writes – Pray for Keith’s family to get through this.

Robin writes – My brother Justin R, his health is not good, and he is pushing his son away from him. Me – patience to teach my son and daughter the right way to grow. Robert (hubby) his mental strength.

Renee writes – Phoebe ears hurting her, infection. Ashley anxiety, depression, ADHD, marriage problems, school. Myself, anxiety, depression, ADHD, weak, fatigue and focus.

Sarah writes – Robert H – lymphoma cancer battle and his medical bills. He was self-employed. Strong man of God. Like a father figure. Mike D cyst on his heart – monitoring it. He’s faithful that everything will get better.

Robert writes – Please pray for my son Rory, released from prison after 10 years, not doing right even after that. He needs a miracle, he needs Jesus.

Carl writes – Pray for comfort for the Duncan family and friends.

Lindsey writes – Pray for me to remain clean & sober for the state of Florida to see my growth, my devotion & my determination to prove I am a Mom that deserves to have my daughter back after overcoming addiction.

Denise writes – Paul B has been admitted to hospice, Kate’s House. Please keep him and his wife Mary in your prayers.

Lenny writes – Please pray for Jay L and his family. His twin brother, Ray, passed suddenly this past weekend.

Hannah writes – Praying for Keith’s family. We love and appreciate you. God bless you. Please let us know where and how we can send the family an offering.

Melissa writes – Strength for day to day, love for forgiveness, and for Deanne during this season of loss and Keith’s ultimate victory!

Gina writes – Pray for our son needs to continue to reconnect with the Lord. Pray for continued health for our family.

Beth writes – Pray for those hurting, pray for my mother-in-law Linda, who is having surgery 2/28.

Cameron writes – Deanne and Keith’s family. College classes.

Don writes – Prayers for our country, prayers for Deanne and family, prayers for Mark S, Michael N and Ben T, as they prepare for military duties.

Pamela writes – Pastor Ron, thank you for your message today. I’ve been waiting to hear this message for 23 years. I lost my grandson in 1998. I’ve never heard why God told me no that day after James was in the hospital for 5 days. Thank you!

Bryan writes – Prayer for healing spiritually physically mentally emotionally financially. Prayer for Keith’s family, God to share wisdom with me. Prayer for the church and all campuses especially southwest. Continued prayer for God to bluntly show me what career he wants me to be in.

Marci writes – Deanne, we hurt with you. We will get through this.

Tom writes – Praying for Keith’s family during this sad time in your life.

Edna writes – Safe travels, better physical mental health. Pray for the sick and recovery and our forever home. Prayers for Keith his family and the church members.

Theresa writes – I had severe chest pain 2 days ago, pray no issues. Starting a new business, with another couple building restroom/shower combo trailers. Prayers for our endeavor in new business and my husband coming home from NY for good. I won’t be alone and that we can pay our bills.

Debbie writes – Prayers for Keith’s family and our church family.

Bonnie writes – Please continued prayer for Megan W and all the trouble in the world.

Pauline writes – Please pray for my son Richard.

Mari writes – Anna having open-heart surgery. Prayers for Keith’s family.

Peggy writes – Praise report: My sister had a successful operation. Thank you for the prayers! The tumor grew out of her stomach and attached to her esophagus, her spleen, and pancreas. Pray that the stage 3 cancer did not spread to those organs. Pray for a quick recovery! Thank you!

Many, many more are praying for Pastor Keith’s wife and family.

Dear Lord, I first offer prayers of thanks for my own salvation and for the countless ways in which you have blessed my life since. Lord, I ask that you hear the prayers of all the members of our church and in your time let it be known to each of them that you and your love are always there for them. I ask this through our Lord Jesus, the healer of all those who believe.

© Credits to Alan Dupuis – with All the Glory to God

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