Jesus Cures All – Daily Message 03-11-2018

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Jesus Cures All – Daily Message

March 11, 2018


It is Sunday morning and with this flu, I am in serious need of some healing music.

Here are two audio/video copulation’s that were just exactly what I needed to see and hear this morning.  Listening to God’s word spoken over me providing healing and encouragement.

Healing Scriptures – The Word made alive

Published by Melody Royal



50 Healing Verses – Soothing music background

Published by Steve Racer



There is something special about hearing someone speak scripture rather than me just reading it.

It brings the words to life…it made me seek the deeper meaning of His Word.

Thank you, Lord, – the Father of Creation – for all your mercies and blessings.

© Alan Dupuis – with All the Glory to God


  1. Jim costas

    Alan, talk with Mike yesterday, he said that he was reading your message. It was good to hear from him. He is still going strong, and planning big things for the future. Pray for your flu to go away. Jim

  2. Alan Dupuis

    Thank you for your prayers…I pray that you are able to sell your home. Mike actually emailed me that same day and I intend to get in touch to catch up. God bless you.