Jesus Cures All – Daily Message 06-13-2021

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Jesus Cures All – Daily Message

June 13, 2021

Sunday morning and time for humor, music, pictures, stories, and videos…
It is a time for prayer, worship, contemplation and relaxation.

Today’s theme – No Prophets in over 2,400 Years – Really?

Today’s story is about being a Messianic Jew

What is a Messianic Jew? Like the original disciples of Christ, they are 100% Jewish and 100% Christian. They are Jewish followers who believe Jesus to be the Messiah.

Jews for Jesus (https://jewsforjesus.org ) is a non-profit mission organization which for the last 44 years has been about relentlessly pursuing God’s plan for salvation for the Jewish people. We are in thirteen countries where missionary staff are Jewish or married to a Jewish person. Our heart is going as Jews, to the Jewish people with the Gospel.

We reject the stereotype that Jewish people cannot be followers of Jesus, and we believe that both identities cannot only be embraced but can enhance one another in beautiful spiritual harmony. We have stopped being fishermen and have become ‘Fishers of Men’.

One such Jew, Jeremiah’s Zaretsky’s mom grew up in Budapest, Hungary. Both of her parents were Holocaust survivors. She came to faith in Yeshua while in college, so Jeremiah grew up in Canada knowing his Jewish roots and came to saving faith at 6 years old and was baptized.

He went to Ambrose College, a Bible College in rural Canada. He joined the traveling music team of Jews for Jesus and traveled the U.S. and Canada with seven others singing at churches, campuses, street corners, etc.
During a second tour, he and his wife decided to be trained as missionaries and moved to Chicago. Jeremiah and his wife Hannah started writing a bunch of songs while pregnant with their second child Judah, which means praise. They like to write songs from the Psalms.

The church should have a heart for Israel. What’s important to God ought to be important to us as followers of Him. God created a people for Himself, the Jewish people, for a few purposes.

Jesus came from the Jewish people but also for the Jewish people. God still has a plan for the Jewish people that ties into the end times and God’s redemptive work.

Replacement theology and dual covenant theology is dangerous because it says Jews don’t even need salvation.

Gentile believers have a responsibility to bring the Gospel back to the people who gave it to them. Jewish believers have been rejected by Gentile believers as well as by the Jewish people. Most Jewish people come to faith in Jesus from a Gentile Christian who invite them to church.

Jews Don’t Need Jesus is false doctrine regarding Jewish people. Most think our work is part of the curse, but our work is part of our mandate in the creation story. Jewish people need Jesus.

One More Thought

We are ALL God’s Children

Personally, I think that it is a shame that so many of God’s chosen people rejected then and continue to reject now, the Messiah that God sent.

I mean how do they reconcile that there have been no new prophets in 2,400 years, and nothing added to their Old Testament Bible in over 2,000 years? Are they not still waiting in vain?

God spoke to and rescued Israel on many occasions but so many Jews have missed His most important communication and His ultimate way of rescuing them – Jesus is your Messiah.

I hope my Jewish friends will check this out:

Lord, I pray for all the lost who have rejected or have yet to find Jesus…may the Holy Spirit light on them and open their eyes to Your saving grace – sent in the form of Your Son Jesus.

© Credits Alan Dupuis – with All the Glory to God

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