Jesus Cures All – Daily Message 06-14-2021

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Jesus Cures All – Daily Message

June 14, 2021

Monday Morning Prayers…
Facing the beginning of a new week – we should start our Monday mornings with prayer.

Our Prayers are Powerful
Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16
We all have prayer requests…
As a member of the prayer team at my church, I am asked to pray on behalf of our members …with your help perhaps God will answer these prayer requests sooner rather than later.
There is power to overcome when the whole church engages in prayer.
Alan writes – Continued prayer that all my non-believing friends and family find a relationship with Jesus and for my friend Sam and his family.
Please pray for all those caught up in human trafficking, for all the children stricken with cancer and for all the unborn being murdered.
Please pray for God’s intervention in the health of my dear friend Marcelo – that his cancer is completely removed. Please pray that we are both able to tolerate our chemo treatments.


Adam N writes Recovery over addiction, employment. Physical and spiritual fitness. Healthy wife & baby through pregnancy.

Anonymous writes Pray for our daughter Lisa who is having breast surgery in June. Asking for prayers. Thanks.

Anonymous writes Thank you for your prayers, son found a new job.

Antonia O writes Pray for me and my five children that we get closer to God. Pray for my husband that left us 2 1/2 years ago.

Audra H writes Pray I get this house coming available soon so I can have a home for myself and my children.

BeLinda H writes Family salvation and restoration

Betty P writes Pray for my sister, Anne, who is getting a pacemaker on Tuesday. My brother, Louie had on last month. They are 88 and 90.

Bob R writes Please pray for health issues for: Alonzo, Lisa, Connie, Brad, Joe, Irene, Jeff, Sandra, Marie, and Ron, Ted & Pat. Please pray for salvation for the whole world and for daily ministry opportunities. Please also pray for small groups. Thanks, and have a blessed week.

Bonnie R writes Continue to pray for my Mom, Irene, as she continues to heal and gain strength following her surgery and to keep her safe. Continue to pray for our son, Robby, as he cares for himself and his girls.

Bonnie R writes Pray for: My daughters back pain to go away. My legal situation to go away so my husband can come home. Baby Addysin recovers from her heart surgery – she is back in the hospital with a fever. My Mom to come closer to God and stop judging.

Cameron R writes My granddaughter was stillborn at 9 months of pregnancy. Prayers for their family especially the parents, Hope & Jesse.

Carl D writes Pray for friend at work, she is having surgery.

Carol D writes Please pray for my neighbor, Diane, who is being treated for Stage 4 cancer.

Carol P writes My cousin Frank just went home to be with the Lord on May 24th, 2021. Please pray for his family to have peace in their time of grief and pray that his wife Lisa is not confused anymore and comes back to the Lord.

Carolle J writes Pray for Tom to stop smoking and our relationship. For Tom’s to give his heart to the Lord.

Cathi R writes Healing for Julio’s’ back. Grief relief for cousin Kim.

Cathy A writes Praise God that Desirea H. and Tom R are here in church to worship in person with us.

Chris M writes Travelling from 6/8 – 6/25 and both of us starting new jobs on 6/28. Pray for success!!

Christine V writes Having shoulder surgery. Thank you.

Cindy S writes Pray for April’s health as it continues to be in crisis.

Connor M writes Pray for my Grandma who is healing from back surgery and Grandpa who is healing from heart surgery.

Courtney T writes Pray to heal our daughter. Pray to bring our family together.

Dana M writes Continued success in nursing school, success in going part-time at work My brother – legal issues

Daniel H writes Robert H – cancer battle, Sarah at her new job. My search for a job. Friends to get their scholarship to go to a Biblical school. Sarah’s sister’s recovery from surgery

Deb S writes Wayne – healing for back pain.

Deb T writes Please pray that my husband stays cancer free. Pray for my mother.

Debbie M writes Pray for Claire, that she gets her appt. we have been waiting for. Pray for Betty H, she has been sick for a week with a virus/cough. Pray for the ones who have list their lives in the lie of duty.

Dee D writes Pray that the Publix deli manager will be a better, kinder teaching manager. Make it a better place to work and better serve he customers.

Denise M writes Pray for my BFF, her brother passed away. Help Larry and I on our journey of healthy eating to help manage his diabetes.

Dennis S writes Pray for Bill L and our church staff.

Diana R writes Daughter, Bailey going into the hospital for a week of tests for her epilepsy. Pray we get answers, and she can have a lie changing surgery. Daughter, Ella for her to find peace and happiness. She struggles with depression and sadness.

Don G writes Pray for our country and freedom. For Steve and Sharon K. Sharon – hospice, short time left. Prayers for those who have had Covid.

Ed D writes Healing prayers for: Joyce, Rina, Raymond and Greg.
Edna C writes Safe travels, better mental and physical health in particular my Alain and self. Bryan, motivation, focus, peace, and comfort for these healers and all the church leaders. Becky H, Fred E, Chris R, Karen P, Walter B, Otenia S, Rosie C, Lance R, Kathy O, Mrs. S. Thank you.

Eileen B writes I am having surgery for a hernia.

Elaine T writes Health issue, My brother in Georgia whom I am trying to help.

Elena C writes Pray for strength and wisdom to make decisions that are best for my daughter and me. Pray for the health and happiness of family and friends.

Ellen K writes Pray that I will make Godly decisions. Pray for Valene who needs help. Prayers for unborn grandchild.

Gayle A writes Please continue to pray for Larry & Beth to connect with the Lord. It is not a matter of if but when God will answer this prayer. Thank you so much.

Gina S writes Pray that Steven finds a good job. Prayers for healing for Steven and our family.

Haley M writes Prayers for our family with our recent loss of our Pop. And a calming divorce as it becomes final.

Hank C writes Continued prayers for Pat’s brother James who is struggling with depression and his mental disability. He lives in group home in Michigan and needs good medical help.

Heather C writes Please pray for our family as we navigate separation from my husband as he finishes his NAVY contract in NY. Pray for health and safety and guidance for me to lead our children to love God.

Irene S writes Health and salvation for daughter, Yuette. She’s destroying her life.

Jacob S writes Pray for our family as we continue to build a relationship with God and allow us to help others start theirs.

Janeene C writes Pray for a safe move tomorrow and help finding doctors, a new church, etc.

Jim M writes Pray for direction in my life since my wife passed away. I love you.

Jim R writes Robert R salvation family problems

John C writes Moving into a new home next week. Pray everything goes well. Pray for my mother as they found a spot on top of her ear that is cancerous.

John S writes Pray for cancer treatment for George B and for Carl U with gangrene. Steve & Patty S, removed 1/2 of his pancreas and his entire spleen

Jonna H writes Pray for Eric to find a job that will get him out of a toxic work environment.

Joyce F writes Thank you for being here.

Kathy R writes Kevin and I continue to hear God’s voice and direction for our lives

Kelly F writes Great job Jacob! Thank you for sharing… for being honest…we all have tensions… and this has what we needed to hear today.

Linda L writes Continue prayers for my youngest daughter.

Linda Mc writes Please pray for John’s health issues.

Linda M writes Prayers for two granddaughters who are having seizures.

Marie T writes Make the right choices for the future

Marilyn S writes Marge – Surgery

Mary G writes Prayers for our son and family. Grandsons Ryan and Lucas to accept Christ. Gratitude for all who have served.

Mary O writes Our friend Mike S passed away from covid, and his wife Diana is still in ICU on a ventilator; please pray for miraculous healing for her and strength for their two children Jake and Alissa

Matt T writes my family

Matthew M writes a job/finalist interviews/the right job to be had/ discernment to see God’s path and not fear to make God’s choice

Michele B writes Mom has Alzheimer’s and broken hip. Two of my dogs are near the end of their life. New Ocala resident and the house I bought has issues. My finances are an issue still. Praying I can see through these trials and find what i should be grateful for.

Michelle M writes Need prayers for my Mom, Beverly. She is healing from surgery & it is not going smoothly.

Mike B writes Praise – I received a promotion prayer – that I can balance the tension between work and family.

Mike D writes Continued prayer for Mike’s healing and pray for salvation for our unsaved children.

Myrna D writes Alicia, Jamie, Mike, and Selena, my children’s safety.

Nancy D writes Continue to pray for truth to be known. Thank you.

Niki M writes Angela’s birthday today. Thank you God for my first baby and the one to follow. Thank you for life. I pray that God shows me where He wants me!

Nina S writes Prayer – I lost my husband last year and have moved to Florida with my son and daughter-in-law.

Opal F writes Continue to pray for our marriage. Also, for my unsaved adult children and grandchildren. Also pray for my BFF for complete healing of her body. Pray for my granddaughter that is having epileptic seizures.

Pamela C writes Pray for my sister Kathy and her husband Gene.

Patsy M writes Please continue to pray for our son Michael who has advanced cancer. He has developed some complication. Praying for the doctors to know the correct solution. Thank you.

Richard J writes Pray for my Mother, Betty.

Ron L writes Safe travels to Ohio.

Ronald K writes My marriage

Scott M writes Moving to Ocala permanently during June 2021. Seeking a new church family with youth activities.

Shane B writes Pray for my wife and daughter while on vacation in the Keys. Also pray for my friend Brandon, hope that he finds his way to the Lord! Thanks.

Sharon J writes Pray for my son-in-law Gary.

Susie S writes Pray for my niece – she lost her pet, it passed away this morning. Continue praying for my family in the loss of our Dad and also for Bill – he has cancer.

Teena J writes Pray for April – she had emergency surgery. Thank you.

Teresa M writes Please pray that God goes before me as I travel to Colorado to visit and volunteer at a local rodeo

Tim S writes We are here this week, in faith, that God has led us to adopt a child who was born of 5/28/21. But her mother is evading any paperwork or legal parameters – help is needed to trust God in this phase. We want His will to be done of course. We want to bring this baby girl home. Pray for strength, perseverance, love, grace and hope to abound.

Tom C writes Prayers to stop smoking and give my heart to the Lord.

Tommy T writes Please add Frank and his mother Val to the Prayer List. Frank is addicted to Heroin, is 23 years old, and wants a relationship with Jesus Christ. Please pray the Lord moves with compassion and readies Frank and Val to make the necessary changes to seek a lasting recovery.

Valerie R writes Robert R is going through a very difficult time.

Wanda B writes Pray for wellness and healing for my mother-in-law Mona.

William R writes Continued strength in following the Lords way.

Yolanda S writes Keep me healthy, happy, and full of love.

Dear Lord, I first offer prayers of thanks for my own salvation and for the countless ways in which you have blessed my life since. Lord, I ask that you hear the prayers of all the members of our church and in your time let it be known to each of them that you and your love are always there for them. I ask this through our Lord Jesus, the healer of all those who believe.

© Credits to Alan Dupuis – with All the Glory to God

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