Jesus Cures All – Daily Message 10-26-2020

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Jesus Cures All – Daily Message

October 26, 2020

Monday Morning Prayers…
Facing the beginning of a new week – we should start our Monday mornings with prayer.
Lord, if it be your will, remove this scourge of a virus from our world. In Jesus name, I pray.
Our Prayers are Powerful
Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16
We all have prayer requests…particularly during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
As a member of the prayer team at my church, I am asked to pray on behalf of our members …with your help perhaps God will answer these prayer requests sooner rather than later.
Please take note of the urgency and depth of the prayer requests during this time.
Finally, there is power to overcome when the whole church engages in prayer.
Alan writes – More prayers for my wife’s friend Tricia, who is in need of a kidney transplant. Pray that all my non-believing friends and family find a relationship with Jesus. Praise that none have contracted Covid-19.
Pray for a fair election and that God’s plan will be carried out. Praise for our faithful Savior!

Todd writes – Our country, leaders and civility My Dad, health and mindset Our marriage and family.

Audrey writes – Health (mental and physical). In need of a better job (mentally/physically/financially). Always feeling alone. Just tired.

Sharon writes – Betty Jernigan is 93 and is in assisted living . Has COPD and hasn’t seen her family for 6 months. My daughter’s husband’s job has never come back in Orlando.

Donna writes – 11 year old Chase S and his family dealing with cancer.

Lori writes – Healing for pain, herniated discs in my neck that affected both of my arms. For Alex W from heart surgery; only 29! For Joanne M’s family, 2 deaths in the family this month! Strength & patience for me to not make any more mistakes at work so I can keep my job!!!

Pamela writes – Please pray God makes the way clear for my income. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to make the wrong choice.

John writes – Please pray for my children; we seem to be a house divided right now.

Marcus writes – Please continue to pray for my mom Susie and Aunt Sandie in Pennsylvania.

Renee writes – For Ashley – pray for school. For me – Anxiety, depression, ADHD. Focus on my house. I’m stuck.

Lisa writes – My Mom who seems to be pushing away family on a daily basis.

Carla writes – Pray for peace for our nation.

Teresa writes – My friend Nancy and I are dealing with active cancer treatment. Hers is aggressive and in the liver. Mine is in a neck lymph node. Pray for positive test results and minimal side effects from treatment.

Debbie writes – Pray for the following: Danny/Ann, healing of his wounds and patience for Ann, she is his caregiver. Mavis, healing/comfort from pain. Teddi, for her dad’s health. Brenda’s dad, he has cancer. Amber, my daughter, her health.

Tammy writes – My brother still dealing with depression, causing major marriage stress. Safety for us – traveling with a camper to the mountains.

Heather writes – Prayers for health and healing for my son, and strength for me as a single mom trying to survive.

Sharon writes – Pray for my health and wealth and for my grandsons that I will get to see and talk with them again. Please pray for my brother that his health gets better.

Julia writes – For a speedy recovery after surgery, for Steven M.

Betty writes – Pray that I find employment and pray for my son, he has severe anxiety.

Tina writes – I pray my unbelieving family find Jesus.

Nancy writes – I thank you for your prayers for me and my family. God bless Always.

Cathy writes – Pray for church family. Pray for Ted W, as he recovers from surgery and Dorothea T, recovering from Covid. Pray for our President.

Deb writes – Pray that my husband is still cancer free.

Debbie writes – I have lived with MS for over 45 years. I’m Christian for the past several years & have been prayed for many times. I am steadily improving through The MS Gym online/exercise program and I would like prayer that I will be set, completely, free from the physical challenges of symptoms from that awful diagnosis! Relocating back to PA but will follow The Springs online because we LOVE your messages! They are life-giving and hopefully inspiring!!! May God bless you and your ministry!

Jordan writes – Please pray for my family due to the recent loss of my Aunt. Also pray for my mental stability.

Kimberly writes – Out of work during COVID. Thank God I was offered a part time by a friend. I desire full time in what I graduated school from. Pray for me to find one and my future endeavors. Thank you.

Kerry writes – I’m pregnant with my 2nd child and just pray this baby is healthy. Pray for my husband in his new career after the military and pray for our daughter in her new school.

John writes – I will be going through extensive testing for my health and wellness. So thankful to have a new Doctor. All is well as far as I know!! Thanksgiving for Pastor George as he has been released to play golf. He will be able to preach again on November 4th. Thank you for supernatural healing!

Carlos writes – Going through relationship issues. Family is falling apart because of my wrongdoing. Having a hard time connecting with God.

Christine writes – Tyler and Taylor H, as they move Taylor to Florida this week and Tyler prepares to be deployed to Korea.

Phillip writes – I have tested positive for Covid 19 pray for my healing Also a man name Jerry who attends Villages has Covid 19 also. Pray for him.

Joshua writes – Continued growth and healing on new journey.

Jonathan writes – A client of mine (George) has had numbness from the waist down for a 2 weeks and just found out he has a tumor on his spine. He is having surgery on Monday. Pray for comfort and healing.

Tom writes – Thanks be to God, he healed my wife.

Patricia writes – Pray for my family who is going through a rough time.

Denise writes – Pray for me to hear God & have absolute clarity that I can lay out things in the correct order. Sister Crystal comes back to church and that Alesha is protected from Satan & his attacks and she hears God calling her back to him. Brittany, a friend betrayed her in a horrible way; she’s deeply hurt.

Melissa writes – This series, how to survive a shipwreck, couldn’t come at a better time. I lost my dog 8/4 and now my teeth are falling apart, and I need full mouth implants causing a financial burden. My relationship with my son is falling apart and we have always been close.

Matthew writes – Pray for my work situation. I am supposed to be getting a raise and I need health insurance.

Susie writes – Pray for my friend starting chemo. Pray for good health and safety of my family. Pray for our country and leaders. Praise for answered prayers.

Carl writes – Ted for healing from surgery. Janet for healing from virus.

Lindsey writes – Pray for my parents and my ability to help care for them.

Kent writes – Pray for my wife’s father.

Valerie writes – Pray for Brancie – MS.

Dee writes – Praise! My health is good! Pray that my sons are not careless about their social activities. Pray that my sons will find new friends that are Christ followers.

Ramina writes – Started a cell tower company before Covid hit. Please pray we are out of the red, invested all we had.

Desirea writes – I have recently been going through a lot and its hard to find God in the process. I need to find time to just Pray.

James writes – Still morning loss of little brother – Edward R; Mother-in-law – Sharon B.

Tracie writes – Pray for my Mom, she is having surgery. Pray for me to be strong, my Mom is losing hope.

Stephanie writes – Please pray for my children and ex-husband as we adjust to a life of divorce.

Zoe writes – Pray for my husband , Cory and I.

Dee writes – struggling through divorce, feeling hopeless.

Kim writes – Pray for Chris (Autistic) and for me to find a job.

Amy writes – Please pray for my first year of adulthood and all my years of adulthood. Pray my relationships that they may blossom.

Wayne writes – Please pray for me, having personal problems.

Debbie writes – Prayers for our Nation and President Trump. To bring our Nation back to God and remove the hate. Prayers for Trenton & Emma M.

Thomas writes – My girlfriend is in the hospital with a fever, asking for healing. Please keep all who are going through a rough patch in prayer.

Patsy writes – Keep my husband, John in prayer. He has been diagnosed with lung disease. I know God is in control and will walk this journey with us.
Nestor writes – I need help dealing with my finances and lack of friends and most importantly my relationship with God.

Antonia writes – Need prayer to pass my test for CNA. Pray for my family, I have two sons in prison, keep them covered with the Blood of Jesus. Prayers for: Abigail Bryon, Michael, Everett, Alex, myself and my children.

Krystal writes – Yesterday I lost a close friend due to a car accident. Pray his mom and family are able to get through this difficult season.

Anonymous – That I may have a safe and healthy pregnancy. I lost my first one last year. My husband and I need a renewed faith.

Ed writes – Praise report – October 22nd was our 60th Anniversary! Praise God!

Dear Lord, I first offer prayers of thanks for my own salvation and for the countless ways in which you have blessed my life since. Lord, I ask that you hear the prayers of all the members of our church and in your time let it be known to each of them that you and your love are always there for them. I ask this through our Lord Jesus, the healer of all those who believe.

© Credits to Alan Dupuis – with All the Glory to God

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